I have been engaged in multiple conversations this week with business leaders, program directors, and educators about 21st Century learning. Absent from that conversation on what our students need to know,be, and do in order to become 21st century citizens, was the important conversation about our role as their teachers.

Dave Truss, posted this video detailing his life as a 21st Century Educator, crystallizing the attributes that make us equipped to do our job in preparing the future. As you watch this fantastic video, think about the following:

  • Who’s in my neighborhood? local? global?
  • What are my best attributes as a 21st Century teacher?
  • Is technology one of these attributes? If not, how can it be?
  • What support/resources would it take?

Teaching and learning in the 21st Century is a journey. We are all in different places along the pathway. Let’s be there for one another-for those of you like Dave Truss, Simon Mills Pat Hensley, Vicki Davis, Bud Hunt,Miguel Guhlin, Mrs. Durff, Scott McLeod, Liz Davis, Dan Meyer, Wes Fryer, farther along in the journey, what advice do you have for those just starting?

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