Wordle in the Classroom

You know how much I LOVE WORDLE!!

Wordle_2 Delaney Kirk shared this great post on The Top 20 Uses for Wordle in the Classroom presented by Rodd Lucier. He has some fantastic ideas and examples.

I would add:

  • Memoirs of a Classmates Life-Great Twist on Student of the Week
  • Class Rules and Mission Statements
  • Students Writing Territories
  • Big Idea After a Unit of Study

How about you?-Won’t you share your Wordle Magic with us!

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  • http://shaunwoodictblog.blogspot.com/ Shaun Wood

    It’s applications seem endless, thanks for these ideas. I would like to use it as a self-assessment tool for my students writing.

  • http://www.delaneykirk.com Delaney Kirk

    Me too Angela! I think it would be a great way to review for an exam also. Have the students pick the key words.

  • http://www.angelamaiers.com AngelaMaiers

    Shaun, Delaney, and Ginger-You are all right on-the applications and uses for Wordle are endless. Great ideas about integrating them into authentic assessments, I especially love the self-assessment aspect! keep the ideas coming-would love to see the students work!

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