Thanks to Lisa Thumann, I’ve been tagged for this meme. My mission, if I choose to accept, is to reveal 7 things you all may not know about me. So, here goes:

  1. Shoe Encounters – You may already know about my passion, ok, my obsession with cute shoes. Everywhere I go, my radar is up for the cutest shoes in the room. On a recent flight to Dallas, I spotted an amazing pair with a matching purse ( an added bonus!). The shoes were Jessica Simpson-one of my favorite brands-in fact, I had a pair on myself. I turned to the beautiful lady to pay her a compliment on her Jessica Simpson heels, and it was Jessica herself! She was so nice. We discussed how horribly painful the heels were, but the price of pain was worth it when the shoes are so dang cute! We had a great conversation until everyone found out who she was and started taking pictures! Man, am I glad I am not a super star!
  2. People often comment on how much energy I have. My family just laughs at that. When I get home from a workshop or a long week of traveling, my absolute favorite thing to do is crawl into bed and stay there ALL day! Of course, I would have my computer to Twitter, but I could seriously live for a week in my bed!
  3. I started my career path in medicine. My senior year in college I had a revelation that medicine was where my brain was, but not my heart!  Needless to say, the folks were not thrilled about the career change, but see how happy teaching makes me today. There is no doubt in my mind that the choice I made was definitely the right one!
  4. I love buttered popcorn and hot tamales! Not earth shattering, but I have been craving that combination all week long!
  5. I am terrified of heights and have never, will never, ride an amusement park ride. I am a huge wimp, and my kids make fun of me. No roller coasters, no water slides, no twirly birds..I am.not a fun date at the fair!
  6. I sing! Not in public, where anyone could be subjected to it, of course, but I sing all the time. In the car, in the shower, while I am working out, anytime, anyplace, any where! I love it – just wish I could actually do it!
  7. My first name is actually Barbara. Yes, it is true. Named after my aunt, my mom thought Angela Barbara sounded funny, so she called me Barbara Angela never intending to call me Barbara. It has caused huge confusion on legal documents, but I am honored to be named after someone I love so much!

OK, friends, your turn. I tag:

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