I spend my most of days with gifted students and teachers in K-12 schools. I love helping them think critically and creatively — teaching them strategies and techniques to fuel their imaginations, sustain their passionate curiosities, and challenge them to persevere as they problem solve through difficult tasks and content. Tomorrow, I will be taking these Habitude-building conversations to the college classroom.

I will be sharing with University students one of my favorite strategies called SCAMPERing.

SCAMPER was created by Bob Earle and popularized by Michael Michalko in his excellent book, Thinkertoys. to strengthen a learners ability to question, imagine,and adapt. See why it is one of my favorites?

SCAMPER requires learners to:

S – Substitute – components, materials, people

C – Combine – mix, combine with other assemblies or services, integrate

A – Adapt – alter, change function, use part of another element

M – Mix, Modify – increase or reduce in scale, change shape, modify attributes (e.g. colour)

P – Put to another use

E – Erase/Eliminate – remove elements, simplify, reduce to core functionality

R – RePurpose/ReverseReUse – turn inside out or upside down.

SCAMPERing can add fluency, flexibility, originality ,and "Ummmph" to any idea or project. It is a powerful and easy way to stay motivated, relevant, and excited about what we do! You are welcome to participate love or join here with your own SCAMPER SUCCESS stories! We will be streaming the event live!

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