by Angela Maiers

Dear Teacher,

Love me,
Make me feel special,
Make me feel included,
Make me feel valued, 

Smile for me,
Tell me that you’re happy to see me,
Tell me that you’re happy to teach me,
Tell me that you’re happy I am here. 

Involve me,
Tell me about our work together
Tell me how I can be of help and mean it genuinely

Notice me,
See all of me,
See my emotions, my laughter, my curiosity, my anticipation
See my right, and I will work on the “wrongs” 

Teach me,
PLEEZE don’t just tell me what you know
Show me what I need to know,
Show me how to do it well 

Help Me,
Help me when it gets hard,
Help me persevere,
Help me know it matters 

Excite Me,
I came to you in love with learning
Keep me excited!
Show me the fun
Show me your fire and passion

Promise Me,
Promise me that you can.
Promise me that you will.
Promise me that you are ready to…

Love me, help me, engage me, excite me, and teach me
I'm Ready
I want to learn.
I want to know.
I want to be your student. 

I will return the favor
I will reward you with my attention, my focus, my heart
I will show you what I can do
I will show you who I can be 


Photo on FLickr by verrosassi4