He_s running to meet his mom - _MG_3323 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Seth Godin recently wrote on Winning on the Uphill Battles and how timely his post is for me both personally and professionally.

During my two-week stay in Omaha working with teachers, I've finally found a personal rhythm and route on my runs after work. There is one killer hill. It's long. It's a battle. Or at least — it was.

Yesterday, after days of struggling against the hill, I reached breakthrough. I had the best run of my stay here. The hill remains the same, but my experience and my expectations changed. My thought patterns improved.

At first I hated the hill. I was unfamiliar with it. But with a bit of work, I became familiar with the nuances, the slope, the patterns of both the hill and myself. By these experiences, I knew what I could expect of both the hill and myself. And yesterday, I had a great run! I look forward to the hill today.

As Seth says in his post, "The downhills are already maxed out by the laws of physics and safety." Isn't it similar with learning? Our students are more likely to succeed when we teach them how to learn, how to breakthrough the struggle on their own, then a lay-down lesson or something just to keep their mind active.

Students will grow — and be excited about their growth — with challenges in their learning.

Just as an airplane rises against the wind rather than with it, there is victory on the uphills and breakthrough in our struggles. Here's to our struggles — and our breakthroughs!

Photo on Flickr by Sean Drellinger

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