Tedtalks I have written on many occasions the inspiration, insight, and  learning that I get from the extraordinary TED speakers who grace the stage at the annual Technology, Entertainment, and Design conference. We have opportunity to experience the world's most creative and intriguing thinkers in their fields to  without ever leaving the comfort of our own home.

This week I shared on Twitter, an extraordinary spreadsheet of EVERY TED Talk including descriptions and links. (Big thanks to @openculture and @Mikesansone for sharing with me!)

I must warn you, that clicking on this link might leave you glued to your screens in amazement, as I am sure you will be intrigued by the presentations, awed by the most promising innovations, and amazed at the capacity and power of human potential. Most of the talks are just  about 15 minutes, but I warn you, one is rarely ever enough! Happy viewing! 

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