There is a gift Greater Than Yourself, and it's a handbook/story to guide us in our giving and leading

DSC00186.JPGPenned by my dear friend, Steve Farber, Greater Than Yourself is a must-read (and a quick read) for any educator, administrator, teacher, leader, and even students!

I'm fortunate to be part of an educational summit that Steve is spearheading (more to come soon) and I'm so very excited to be part of initial discussions.

GTY projects in your schools and classrooms would be a fantastic way to ignite both professional development AND student engagement. A series of interviews with Steve and his GTY, Tommy Spaulding is inspiring — and a great first step (the second step would be to buy the book!)

There was talk last month about how GTY and Classroom Habitudes intersect in so many ways, and seeing that Steve Hargadon recently read GTY, I'm hoping we can talk a bit about it during tonight's Future of Education conversation (8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pactific)

This holiday season, and for every season following, I hope you find your own GTY projects and give a Greater Than Yourself certificate (or more)

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