My head is absolutely spinning after tonight's live session with the amazing and passionate Sir Ken Robinson. After two hours of passionate discussion and debate about one of my favorite topics PASSION, there is so much to say. And, some of the most provocative discussion started BEFORE the session began with a lively 140 character exchange on Twitter.  

The entire #edchat was the perfect warm-up for the main event . Here is a sample of  is a warm-up for the Sir Ken Robinson  Here is but a sample of the conversation that took place:

Edchat _ 3302010 - 7PM EDT - Passion in Education-Lead-in to Sir Ken Robinson webcast

Of course, I added my two cents here:

Angela Maiers (AngelaMaiers) on Twitter

Which lead to a powerful and passionate discussion here:


And we have not even gotten to the session yet….(more on that tomorrow!)

I fall asleep tonight with a smile on my face knowing that passion is alive and well in the world of teaching and learning. Nearly 500 more joined us for the main event; breaking an all time record for Elluninate and Learn Central, and confirming what I suspect you already know to be true: Passion Matters!

Lots to dream about here!

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