As many of you know, Ning announced this week of their plans to discontinue free membership services. Ning has facilitated significant and historic change by offering educators a free way to connect, learn, and create social and personal learning networks.  These changes will no doubt impact the education community.

Last night was the beginning of many conversations to come. Over 150 people concerned community members, passionate about making this transition work, joined Steve Hargaden in an Elluminate session to discuss the changes taking place at Ning and explore the possibilities of alternative options for our global community. It was a tremendous community gathering, and the power of the network was felt by all.

Steve shared this note with us soon after the session:

Just after the session finished I received an email from John McDonald, the "VP Advocacy" at Ning, asking if we might be able to talk by phone in the next few days, and then later asking if he and others at Ning could have access to the recording.  As this was one of our desired outcomes–the ability to present the community feedback to Ning–it allows us to claim at least one early success. Many thanks to those of you who were able to join.  It did have the feel of history in the making. 

The the combination of text, voice, and white-board feedback, is being aggregated now, and the entire discussion will be posted on 

The educational community will need and want to work together in responding to these changes. We need your voice, your questions, and your ideas.

So add your voice here:


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