We typically consider setting up our classrooms as a beginning of the year process, but sometimes hind sight is 20-20. As you reflect on your year with learners, consider which practices, procedures, and structures facilitated the most powerful learning experiences. 

Use the following slideshow to help you align the practices with those of real readers and writers. The following questions can guide you in considering small adjustments to the coming year's schedule, materials, and resources.

  • What did you notice?
  • What did you observe readers doing?
  • What behaviors stood out?
  • How did readers act when they wanted to find a book? answer a question? study? share ideas?
  • What about the environment helped readers do their work?
  • How did the organization of the books and materials affect readers work?
  • What strategies did you see readers using?
  • How many reasons for reading can you note?
  • How did the kind of reading or the genre of reading affect readers behaviors?
  • Do you think the readers were motivated about what they were reading? Why/Why not?
  • What reminded you about yourself as a reader?

Do this while all is fresh in your mind, and next year's task of getting ready may not seem as overwhelming!

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