ChalktalkChalk Talk Friday represents conversations and brilliance I've discovered traversing my way through the Blogosphere.  From professional to personal development, these are the posts and links have in some way touched my head or my heart.

  • MaYoMo is a great user-generated news website. It derives its name from “Map Your Moments.” Visitors to the site find a map on the homepage with red dots spread out geographically.
  • Iconscrabble is a fun little tool where you enter a word or a short phrase and the tool composes your word of icons/ logos which in turn are linked to their respective websites.
  • SchoolRack Allows you to create a free classroom website or educational blog to communicate with your learners and parents outside of your classroom.
  • CoSketch lets you visualize and share your ideas as images using a whiteboard with others. You can upload pictures and draw on it, add shapes, and then embed your image to your blog or website. 
  • Wiggio is an online toolkit that lets you work in groups easily. You can send emails, text messages,voice mails. It makes it easy to share files and polls.
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