If you have been following my blog for a while, I write consistently about the power and importance of teaching nonfiction.  Whether I am teaching students a new strategy to read nonfiction or engaging in a long term study of the writing craft, a critical part of my lesson framework involves selecting the right nonfiction books.

Immersing children in high quality nonfiction texts not only ignites their interest in the topics we study, it exposes them to authors who take the craft of writing seriously.  These texts and writers become essential guides and mentors as we move through the decision making process in our own writing.

Can you imagine my excitement when I was asked to join the THE INK TEAM; a group of tremendously talented authors who research and write about all things nonfiction.  I will be sharing in the coming weeks how the INK TEAM of award winning nonfiction authors will assist you in transforming your classroom into a place where students live nonfiction, not simply read and write it! 

I am so proud and honored to learn from, and support this amazing group of artists and world changers. They have brought so much joy into classrooms and into my life as a teacher, writer, and life long student.


I highly encourage you to check out  The INK BLOG where you will meet the writers whose words help your students see the nonfiction in a whole new way.

You and your students will:

  • Discover fabulous new nonfiction books
  • Learn powerful lessons about how real writers make their facts come alive
  • Get "insider information" about nonfiction writers' research techniques, fact gathering process,  and detective work. 
  • Explore the data base filled with reading and writing lesson ideas
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