As I am learning to lead, I am continuously in search of conversations on leadership, motivation, dealing with change, and other topics that push my thinking and work forward.  Last night, I hit the jackpot!

I had the privilege of joining the Connected Principals, in their first (of many) global conversations about Leadership and Learning. Gathering questions from educators all over the world, a panel of passionate administrators discussed the following topics:

  1. Management vs. Leadership
  2. Social Media within schools
  3. Staff Professional Development

The session included insights from Patrick Larkin, Lyn Hilt, Dave Meister, and George Couros. As I listened to each of their presentations, one word came to mind: Visionary

The term “visionary leader” usually refers to a gifted person who sees farther into the future, inspires us with rich possibilities, and acts to tangibly realize a compelling dream. They see farther into the human dimensions of our enterprises. Despite the many challenges that are present, these leaders are all visionary.  They see potential in everybody and are constantly wondering how to help their schools, community, and students succeed.

This is the leader I strive to be, and I am proud to follow in their footsteps. Please check out  Elluminate Session Archives  and the Twitter chat from the night at #cpchat. You can follow these leaders as well, just head on over the Connected Principals Blog and join the conversation. 

Here's a welcome message from George!

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