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The first segment of the NBC’s Education Nation summit began this weekend on NBC’s Meet the Press, and was followed by NBC Nightly news anchor Brian Williams moderating a Town Hall meeting with teachers. Thousands of teachers were invited to participate online, sending in thoughts and comments.

I anticipated that the discussion would be edgy and fully expected to hear ideas and perspectives that differed from mine. But, as I participated in the Town Hall event and in the back channel chat on Twitter, I did not anticipate quitting. But that is exactly what I did. After only 30 minutes of the two hour session, I found myself so stricken with frustration and sadness that I stopped.

I spent this morning reviewing transcripts and corresponding blog posts of the event, and soon discovered I was far from alone in my feelings. The words of my friend Tracey Roesen ran through my head:

Does all of the work that I and many of my colleagues have done over the past years have no bearing on the future of education? Do all of those teachers out there in schools all over the world who care about their children not count?

Yes, it does! They count!  I am so proud to be working with and learning from some of the world’s top educators and leaders in the field who touch children’s lives in immeasurable ways everyday. In spite of the challenges, in spite of the conditions, they come to work every day and make a difference.

These individuals are the supermen and woman we need to celebrate! Their stories of “what’s right” in schools needs to be told. So, let’s give it a try!

Tell NBC, and the world, what’s right in education and pass it along on your blogs and twitter stream. (Don’t forget to use the #educationnation hashtag!)

Here’s a great beginning:

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