Passion I feel like dancing! After a busy summer of teaching, researching, speaking, and writing….The Passion Driven Classroom is finally done! Big thanks to my wonderful and very patient publishing team at Eye On Education, and my writing partner and dear friend, Amy Sandvold.

Two books in two years was not my intention, nor an ideal plan, but this book on passion was truly a work of passion. I can personally say that your conversations, blog posts, chats and insight have helped us both conceive and complete what we feel is a critical topic in our discussions about the future of education.

I hope that it keeps the spark ignited and the conversations going about the role passion plays in our work, our lives, and our classrooms.

Here's a little "sneak peak" before the official release:


About the Authors

1. Achievement Gap or Passion Gap?
            Listening To Our Students
            Minding the Passion Gap
            Closing the Gap
2. Let's Talk About Passion
            Defining Passion
            Passion-Driven Learning
3. Clubhouse Learning: Where Passion Meets Practice
            Our Very First Learning Club
            The Philosophy: Clubs Are Passion Playing Fields
            What Makes Club Life Enticing?
4. A Passion-Driven Classroom: The Essentials
            Essential #1: The Learning Clubs
            Essential #2: The Opening Message and The Daily Boardroom Meeting
            Essential #3: Reflection
5. Organizing the Clubhouse Classroom
            The Physical Environment
            Clubhouse Tools
            The Clubhouse Classroom Routine Sequence
6. Managing the Clubhouse Classroom
            The Three Phases in Action
            Phase One: Launching the Learning – Passion Discover
            Phase Two: Practicing Our Passion – Learning Is Thinking
7. From the Trenches: The Voices of Passion
            A Webinar with Sir Ken Robinson
            New to Edchat?
8. Closing Thoughts: Choosing Passion in Times of Change
            The Promise of Passion
            Closing Thoughts: Choosing Passion in Times of Change


Click here to read sample pages!

Whether you know it or not, you are a continual source of inspiration for me, and I am so grateful to be in your communities. We hope we have done you all proud, and look forward to your responses and reflections.


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