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Our Passion-Driven post today comes to us from Steve Woodruff, social media blogger, network guru, and self proclaimed Connection Agent. His mission is to connect people and businesses with their true identity and message. I’ll bet passion has a lot to do with that. Let’s See!

Where you find passion, you find PRINCIPLE – a commitment to what is right and good beyond just what is expedient.

Where you find passion, you find PRESSING NEED – an insatiable discontent with the status quo.

And where you find passion, you find PEOPLE – because we cannot resist warming our hearts with the passions of others.

Passion is where Ideals meet Determination, where Clarity meets Drive. It is not taught, it is not bought – but it can be caught. Passion is where mistakes happen and flaws are forgiven, because the greater good is far more important than the individual stumble.
Passion is the soul set free from the ashes of itself, kindled and set ablaze by something much greater. Passion looks at the mountain and says, “I’m going to the top!”

Life without passion is an empty husk, waiting to be filled. Not with fleeting emotion, but with purposeful energy. When you approach each day with passion, you’re not idly looking around for an energy booster. You’re creating opportunities.

Passion eschews the bench; it gets on the field. And usually wins!

Steve Woodruff blogs at ConnectionAgent and is on Twitter at @swoodruff