Research consistently shows that highly skilled, engaging teachers can eliminate the achievement gap, and I couldn’t agree more!

Technology now allows us to share our teaching gifts with one another in more efficient and effective ways.

The following Teaching and Learning Resources are a representation and a celebration of what passionate and dedicated teachers accomplish everyday.

I have collected the conversations, amazing lessons, and  most powerful tools in the following wikis. I hope that you add your voice and ideas to these sites. Enjoy!

  • Literacy in Content Areas – This wiki will provide viewers and participants with various links to resources and ideas that can be used at every level and in all content areas to integrate thinking strategies and develop literacy and critical thinking skills into all units of study.
  • Learning Now – The resources and tools that give us the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with educators and students in all parts of the world in a framework I call: LEARNING NOW!
  • The Habitudes – This workshop investigates the overarching principles of thinking and performing as a master teacher, with participants who were expected to complete the readings, viewings, tasks, and/or assignments for that week and share their results with everyone else.
  • Seven Strategies – This wiki focuses on the seven strategies that have received the strongest scientific support in promoting and sustaining comprehension: (1) Using Schema to Make Connections; (2) Creating Sensory Images; (3) Determining Importance in Text; (4) Monitoring and Fix Up Understanding; (5) Inferring Beyond Literal Meanings in Text; (6) Actively Question Before, During, and After Reading; and (7) Summarizing and Synthesizing Information.
  • Digital Literacy in the Classroom – This wiki offers participants a chance to explore a variety of digital and social media tools, instructional strategies, and resources for teaching and personal productivity and share what they have found with the rest of the community.