Visual Notes: Digital Literacy Week 2

I was thrilled when I discovered that one of the students enrolled in my Digital Literacy virtual course was a gifted graphic facilitator. After each class session, she shares a wonderful reflection of the content and the conversation in the form of visual notes with us.

Here is Amanda’s visual capture from our first class on Literacy in the Digital Age.

In our second session, we discussed the challenges of living in exponential times and the strategies necessary  to manage of information overload. It’s exciting to be a part of something this new and fascinating, but to succeed  in this new world, web learners must be great infosumers

Check out our Session Notes:

Now take a peek at Amanda’s Recap and Reflection:

What are your best information management strategies?

How do you manage information overload?

Please share!

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  • Gini Dietrich

    I am a huge (and new) fan of visual note taking! I’m trying it myself, but not very good at it yet. But the ability to expand people’s learning through your note taking is PHENOMENAL!

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