As a huge fan of TED, I was thrilled to see the TED organization reaching out to follow educators in search of powerful content for educators created by educators.

TEDEd is launching a global search for new best of breed educational videos. They are inviting content submissions for 10 video series in the following catagories:

1. Math in real life
2. Creativity in Action
3. Inventions That Shaped History
4. How and Why?
5. Questions no one (yet) knows the answer to
6. Mindshifting stories
7. Playing with language
8. Same – and different
9. Things they don’t teach you in school
10. The five minute aha

Click here to see a detailed description of each of the series.

These series, based on ideas received from you, our Brain Trust, have been chosen to cover a wide range of exciting content in a way that can catalyze curiosity and make learning fun.
TEDEd is  asking visionary teachers, students, organizations & TEDsters to help create the series by:

  1. Identifying pre-existing educational videos that can be re-purposed, enhanced & amplified through TED-ED
  2. Creating & submitting original content for the TED-ED initiative.

You can visit the TED-ED website to learn more about submission guidelines and accepted  formats. Both video and audio submissions are accepted.

This is exciting stuff, and I have so many individuals in mind that I will be encouraging to submit.

  • Who has inspired you?
  • Who do you want to see featured?
  • What can you contribute?

I  look forward to your responses!

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