ChalktalkChalk Talk Friday represents conversations and brilliance I’ve discovered traversing my way through the Blogosphere. From professional to personal development, these are the posts and links that have in some way touched my head or my heart.

Edistorm– takes the metaphor of sticky notes on a boardroom wall and brings it online allowing anyone,  anywhere to brainstorm with only a web browser.
MaestroConference™ is a voice-based online collaboration platform that integrates the web and your telephone to support extremely large-scale real-time remote conference events. MaestroConference enables a whole new way to engage people and create relationships with incredibly compelling remote events. is adding additional features soon, like sending personalized emails to attendees with their to-dos highlighted and grouped at the top and syncing with other apps. As it stands, it’s a wonderfully simple way to perform a task that’s usually very boring and painstaking.
CLIPGENERATOR is a free, online, video clip pre­sen­ta­tion tool that’s a lot of fun to use.
Qualcomm has announced a very cool ultrasonic pen at the Computex expo. The pen has an ultrasonic transducer on it and connects with a smartphone that has 3 microphones. The signal is triangulated and the phone can determine the location of the pen. The phone can then capture the movements of the pen and the handwriting that is done by the pen, on regular paper up to a distance of 30cm.
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