Today was the 1st day of school for my teenagers.

Here’s how the conversation went at dinner tonight:

Mom: How was the 1st day of school?
Kids:  Boring!
Mom: Seriously, aren’t you excited about the year ahead?
Kids (in unison) NO!
Mom::  Well, what did your teachers say? They must have been so excited that you were here, and about all the things you will do this year?
Kids: Are you kidding?
Mom: Nope-not kidding!  Did one teacher act or say they were excited?
Kids: Kids: laughing now!
Mom: What did happen today? What did teachers have to say?
Kids: You know, same old stuff, rules,schedule, class assignments, stuff to we HAVE-TO do.
Mom: In a total of 12 teachers, not one expressed excitement, enthusiasm, passion about learning and school?
Kids: Done talking about school
Mom: Crying!
Dad: Why do you even ask: you know how school is!

I know how I wish school to be. I know how some schools already are. And, most importantly, I know that school and learning is the 21st Century absolutely must be a  GET TO DO not a HAVE TO DO.  I am just waiting for that to be “how school is” everyday!