I feel like Amelia Bedelia this week. I’m headed out to wish and welcome hundreds of teachers and leaders into the 2011-2012 school year, and I could not be more excited.

To ensure both kids and teachers are ready to go, I’ve pulled together a special back-to -school list of resources and reminders to ensure this school year will be R.E.A.D.Y for the very best!

R.- Reflection Practice in teaching and learning does not make perfect; pondering does. I believe that if we can teach ourselves and our students to make reflection an integral part of living and learning, we  help make knowledge deep and lasting.

E. Enchantment is the process of delighting people with content, conversations, and experiences that will inform and empower them. Enchantment is a feeling you want every student, teacher, and community member to have towards your classroom and school. We determine whether or not school will be a GET to DO or a HAVE-TO-DO experience by commitment to enchantment.

A. Asking Questions The ability to ask the right kind of question, at the right time is the hallmark of a truly efficient and successful learner. This year make question-asking, not question-answering a priority with more lessons like these.

D. Do Not Ignore or Underestimate Genius – Every student is a genius. I mean this in the sense, that every student has gifts, talents, and hidden contributions they would be willing to make if only they were asked.  Genius exists now and is awaiting for it’s opportunity to show up. Will we provide it?

Y. YES! Teach with intention and passion, but be open to new partnerships and possibilities. When they come, don’t count the ways it won’t or can’t work…believe the answer to How is YES, and go from there!  Here are a few lessons to get you started.

So, are you  R.E.A.D.Y to go do some life changin’ and world changin’ with me….the time is now!

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