New TEDxDesMoines Talk – YOU MATTER

YOU MATTER: A Message, A Reminder, A Connector, A Mission.

I believe these are two of the most powerful words in the world.  It doesn’t matter who speaks them or to whom they are being spoken, the power is there.

Wanting to know you matter to someone is more than just a request for recognition; it is a desire and quest for significance. We don’t want to know we matter; we need to know.

I recently had the opportunity to talk about the importance of mattering in a TEDxDesMoines. As I watched people react to the talk, turning immediately to someone next to them and speak these words, I realized how many people in my life I had not yet told how much they mean to me.

From that day on, I have become consciously aware of who matters in my life. I started calling people, meeting with them, emailing,tweeting, and connecting with people in my life with the express purpose of telling them, “You matter.” The reaction has been profound.

Each time these words have left my lips or fingertips, I have changed. People to whom I’ve said “you matter ”  have been touched, moved and inspired, and they’ve responded with the same words, tears, hugs, smiles, and thanks. Even more importantly, they have begun the process of reaching out to people in their lives to do the same.


Two words, three syllables, and one small sentence that can make a difference in a simple yet profound way.

See for yourself. Tell it to someone who matters to you and see what happens… for them and for you.

Little by little, we will show the world that MATTERing matters.

Join me, will you?

Oh, and if I have not yet told you in some way how important you are to me. I want you to know that  – YOU MATTER!

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  • Dino Dogan

    Found you via Triberr home page. This post occupies No 1 spot atm.

    We’re testing the Quality Score algorithm to see if it passes the human test, and this post certainly does.

    Great presentation, congrats on TEDTalk. Made me think of @dancristo:twitter Dan is the reason for all those reactions below the comment. He matters to so many bloggers, this blogger included :-)

  • Angela Maiers

    Wow Dino! I do not know what to say! I have been loving the Tribberr community as in essence does exactly this! Connects us, tells us we matter, and values our contributions!  I am very grateful for Dan and all the members of this blogging community who have spread the #youmatter message! 

    Thank you for including me, and taking time to share this with me! #youmatter

  • Susan Kosyka

    Angela, thank you so much for sharing this talk with us.  I have learned so much about the importance of connection via your blog and have taken steps to be more connected, particularly in our virtual world.  But the ‘You Matter’ talk has impressed me most of all.

    As a substitute teacher I often feel like I really don’t matter at all.  I am with a group of children for a day who do all that they can to break rules and see how much they can get away with.  Then I leave feeling like I have made no impact at all.  However, when I see one of these students on the street, and I often do, there is a spark of recognition in their eyes and they are quick to say hello if I indicate I recognize them as well.  Although we’ve spent maybe just a few hours of our lives together we’ve mattered enough to acknowledge each other outside the classroom setting.

    It was also a good reminder of how much the children matter.  I believe in the power of positive reinforcement but from now on I will make special note of my noticings and post it for the class to see at the end of the day.  I will let students know that they matter and even if all we have is just one day together I will let them know that they are geniuses.  I will make sure that in the short time we spend together that they know how much they matter and how their mattering impacts my life and everyone around them.

    And finally ‘You Matter’ spoke to me directly in that I am a “career-changer” teacher (not really, just coming back after many years hiatus) but when I interview for a job the responses I get tell me that I really don’t matter at all.  Maybe they think I’m too old, or maybe they think I’m too old fashioned, or not mold-able (they may be correct about that one). But in looking for a teaching job it’s easy to feel like I don’t matter.  But your blog reminded me that I do matter and that I have a lot to contribute and that I can’t give up because what I have to contribute is crucial.  It matters.

    Thank you Angela for that reminder.  I’m going to post this on my blog as well.  Keep it coming — you matter!

  • Gayle McCain

    This is Potent.  Thank you. I think this is probably the most important thing I’ve seen all year.  Thank you.!


  • mrstg

    Hey, Angela–YOU matter! Your influence will be felt across Iowa/US/world as educators hear this and begin their school years conscientious about making sure students KNOW they matter.
    Yep. YOU have made a difference.

  • Angela Maiers

    You are a gift to me my friend! Thank you for giving me hope through your examples and passionate commitment to kids! You inspire me, and you definitely matter! 

  • Angela Maiers

    Gayle- that is such a generous thing to say! I am so thrilled the message resonated with you! Thank you again for sharing it!

  • Claude Bouchard

    You matter too, Angela. Excellent post!

  • Angela Maiers

    Thanks Claude for taking the time to watch and listen! This simple message has potent power! 

  • Angela Maiers

    Hi Susan, 
    I have been pondering our response for a couple of days. I so wish I could reach into the screen and give you a giant hug!Substitute teachers, especially passionate and dedicated ones like your self matter to the system in such a profound way. 1st to teachers,you allow them to take time away from their students for personal and professional reasons and come back refreshed and ready for the work. Teachers need you.Secondly, so do the students. You not only keep them engaged and learning, you offer them a  fresh perspective and insight as you share your talents with them in the classroom. You do matter, and I hate that you and other colleagues that you know feel this way.
    I know you matter. Kids know you matter, and I am hoping this post was reminder for you!

  • Sikandarkns

    You matter is powerful word bkz it makes you feel like his ; her own part 

  • Sean


    Powerful! I have been opening my keynotes with those two little words for a couple of years now. It always has tremendous impact!
    Keep it up because YOU MATTER!

  • Angela Maiers

    Thank you Sean! I am so thrilled this resonated with you! There is lots more to come! 

  • Jetfuel

    Don’t forget to say these words to yourself:  You matter

  • Jetfuel

    Don’t forget to say these words to yourself:  You matter

  • Jetfuel

    Don’t forget to say these words to yourself:  You matter

  • Angela Maiers

    Thank you my friend! 

  • Kristy Burke

    You are truly a powerful speaker. Take this message and run with it because the world needs someone to do it!  That’s from an educational perspective, a political perspective, a janitorial perspective, a food service perspective…  Everyone has their place in life and they all contribute to something amazing be it personally, socially, globally… It is so important for people to have the recognition that they need to move on in life.  Impact is inevitable, recognition is mandatory… I wish I had known how to convey this message 10 months ago when I  lost my mom to cancer.  I needed to tell her she mattered…

  • Angela Maiers

    Kristy thank you so much for this wonderful compliment. It is easy to speak powerfully when you feel so passionately about what you are talking about! Thank you for taking the time to listen. I am thrilled the message resonated! 

    I am so sorry to hear about your mother’s passion.I know that she left knowing how much you loved her and how much she mattered to you. 

  • Keri at Idea Girl Media


    This video is  so compelling — I was captivated every moment when I first saw it.

    Thank you for sharing it with my fans today.  And thank you for providing such an inspiration to so many!!


  • Krista Scott Kotrla

    Angela, I have started to type a comment so many times on this post and always find myself at such a loss for putting into words how much your TEDTalk inspired me. It helped shape the way I interact with friends, family, coworkers and motivated me to let others know just how important they are and hopefully inspire them to know that they are capable of achieving great things. Your talk has also inspired several articles on our company blog to spread the message of “YOU MATTER” to our radiology and imaging industry. You are more influential that you realize and I wanted to thank you for sharing. We hope to keep paying it forward and inspiring others as you have done for us! ((hugs))

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