A great new visualization tool has now arrived in the form of Visual.ly! Visual.ly has already paired upwith huge partners such as National Geographic, Ebay, and even Smirnoff, as well as own users to create thousands of infographics that you can use for your site.

Visual.ly is even adding a Twitter Visualizer to create fun Twitter profile comparisons. This new tool combines the power of the web to turn data into something relatable with human creativity. It is a gallery of the creativity of our new generation of web users! It’s also great for new web aficionados who want to create a name for themselves, and makes it easy for more inexperienced users to get into infographics themselves!

I think Visual.ly has great potential as the hot new tool for the future, so watch its progress as they develop new tools, and enjoy!

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By |August 3rd, 2011|Education and Innovation|3 Comments
  • Nice stuff. Looking forward to seeing your infographics made with visual.ly, @angelamaiers:twitter

  • Great Article & thnx so much for sharing the info. Have a great day. Keep Rocking & Keep Smiling 🙂 

  • Good one.  I’ve been playing with visual.ly and though I do like it, you do need some graphics design expertise to get all the bits and pieces to fall into place. But a lot easier than just starting from scratch.