Some of the best tools for leaders presenters around the globe are platforms that allow for easy sharing of your Powerpoint and Keynote presentations! Here is a great slideshow comparing the top few of these platforms, Slideshare, Scribd, and AuthorStream.

Comparison of Scribd,Slideshare,and Authorstream

Uploaded by Banpreet on WizIQ Tutorials

While I have been using Slideshare almost as long as I have been presenting, Scribd and Authorstream both have some great benefits.

Scribd is is a great formatter for sharing documents, and is compatible with a variety of file types on both Mac and Windows. With Scribd, you can share anything from books to proposals for work, and takes almost no time at all!

Authorstream is specifically for powerpoint, but the usefulness of of this file-sharing site is in how perfect your presentations turn out when you post them. Everything from formatting to embedded urls are preserved, and you get to share all of your ideas with your network and get feedback.

Try comparing these tools for yourself and see what comes!