Chalk Talk

ChalktalkChalk Talk Friday represents conversations and brilliance I’ve discovered traversing my way through the Blogosphere. From professional to personal development, these are the posts and links that have in some way touched my head or my heart.

  • is a collaborative website on which web users can explain the functions of different new tools on the web for the benefit of other users. A great tool to create productivity!
  • Dragon Dictation is a speech to text app for iPhone. Dragon Dictation allows text to be input into text messages and emails through narration.
  • is a blog created to grow readership of small companies. Incmagazine provides tutorials in a variety of Entrepreneurial subjects.
  • Star Walk is a fun display of augmented reality, showing stars, constellations, planets, and satellites in real time when pointed at the sky. Star Walk can even measure the distance between stars.
  • Action Method (by Behance) is a productivity tool for web management purposes that syncs all of your accounts. Use the counterpart website for better results.
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  • Bruce Sallan

    What! You mean I didn’t “touch” you this week!? I’m crushed!

    You are wonderful AM (ahhh, you know what famous 60’s actress had those initials? I’ll give you a hint…red hair…”Viva Las Vegas”!)…

  • Angela Maiers

    Bruce- you are the best! 

  • Kenna Griffin

    Angela, Do you like Dragon Dictation? I haven’t had luck with it. It doesn’t seem to recognize my voice well. It’s just full of inaccuracies when it transcribes. Perhaps us Okies just talk so dang funny that it cain’t even understand us?

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