Aloha Friends!

I have finally arrived and am settling in for a week of learning conversations with Hawaii teachers and leaders. I am especially excited to begin the week in classrooms. I have been asked to talk with students about the Habitudes and Leadership Habitudes most necessary for their success in the world and workforce of the 21st Century.

In preparation for these important conversations,  I have been reflecting on past lessons. As I re-lived several special moments with students, anticipating  how I will take their learning to the next level, I was again struck by the genius qualities they already possess.

Our children are…

These videos were an important reminder to me and a point to take note of in all of our planning as we eagerly work to prepare students for the world and work ahead. We must not forget to celebrate, cherish, and honor who they are right nowtoday.

Consider bringing your flip video to class with you tomorrow. Have your digital camera on hand to capture their moments of genius, and continue to notice what they already do with grace and ease.

Children so often teach me far more than anything I could offer them. So, tomorrow, this is how I plan to begin the day.

 Boys and Girls,

 When I watch you work, I am amazed at the genius I see. Let me give you a couple of examples…..

Today, I am here to let you know I have no doubt that you re capable of handling the challenging work ahead. Problems like this can only be solved by the Habitudes that you posses.

Today I need every one of them. I need your curiosity. I need your imagination. I need your willingness to perservere with me when things get tough.  I need your courage, and most of all I need your passion.

We can soooo do this…

Join me?

What do you think?

I predict that whatever skill, strategy, or standard that we will work on together is no match for these students with the Habitudes. They are leaders in waiting!

They are ALREADY ready for me, let’s hope that I can be as ready for them!

Stay tuned!

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