Honoring Genius Now!

Aloha Friends!

I have finally arrived and am settling in for a week of learning conversations with Hawaii teachers and leaders. I am especially excited to begin the week in classrooms. I have been asked to talk with students about the Habitudes and Leadership Habitudes most necessary for their success in the world and workforce of the 21st Century.

In preparation for these important conversations,  I have been reflecting on past lessons. As I re-lived several special moments with students, anticipating  how I will take their learning to the next level, I was again struck by the genius qualities they already possess.

Our children are…

These videos were an important reminder to me and a point to take note of in all of our planning as we eagerly work to prepare students for the world and work ahead. We must not forget to celebrate, cherish, and honor who they are right nowtoday.

Consider bringing your flip video to class with you tomorrow. Have your digital camera on hand to capture their moments of genius, and continue to notice what they already do with grace and ease.

Children so often teach me far more than anything I could offer them. So, tomorrow, this is how I plan to begin the day.

 Boys and Girls,

 When I watch you work, I am amazed at the genius I see. Let me give you a couple of examples…..

Today, I am here to let you know I have no doubt that you re capable of handling the challenging work ahead. Problems like this can only be solved by the Habitudes that you posses.

Today I need every one of them. I need your curiosity. I need your imagination. I need your willingness to perservere with me when things get tough.  I need your courage, and most of all I need your passion.

We can soooo do this…

Join me?


What do you think?

I predict that whatever skill, strategy, or standard that we will work on together is no match for these students with the Habitudes. They are leaders in waiting!

They are ALREADY ready for me, let’s hope that I can be as ready for them!

Stay tuned!


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  • http://twitter.com/daniel_wong_ Daniel Wong

    All the best, Angela!
    With the mindset that children are geniuses, I’m sure you’re going to bring out the best in them. 

  • Dan Newman


    The work you are doing to inspire kids is so meaningful.

    We do not do enough to let those who will lead ad change our futures know how important they are and why they MUST contribute to our society.

    Your message is the impetus of this and I am so proud of you for what you are doing.

    Thanks for BEING THE ONE – to inspire this!!!

  • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

    Teachers like you, AM, is what we need more of. Not standardized testing and PC curriculum! I LOVE your spirit and it AND these kids give me hope for our future. Now, if “they” will just let them thrive and grow, I’d be even happier! Please clone yourself?

  • http://twitter.com/KelliSmithgall Kelli Smithgall

    I second Bruce’s sentiment “please clone yourself”. I wish my kids schools had more teachers as amazing as you. (I’ve only encountered two)  Although the district my kids are in is touted as a “great district”, and the schools are “distinguished schools” – every year I become more & more disenchanted with it, and many of its teachers and principals.

  • http://twitter.com/AngelaMaiers Angela Maiers

    Teachers are not supposed to have favorites, but I can not help it! You are my favorite student- such a passionate learner and a pleasure to teach! Hugs to you! #youmatter

  • http://twitter.com/AngelaMaiers Angela Maiers

    Could not do this without you partner! Future leaders are inspired by example, and you my friend are an amazing example to follow and learn from! So blessed to be in this work with you! 

  • http://twitter.com/AngelaMaiers Angela Maiers

    Kelli, you are so sweet for saying this. I love my job, and I so believe that teachers have the power to change kids lives simply by the words we speak. It is just that simple; it is just that hard! So appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts as a parent- such as important perspective!

  • http://twitter.com/AngelaMaiers Angela Maiers

    Thanks Daniel! We can learn so much from them- I do everyday!

  • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

    I’m Teacher’s Pet!

  • Rackerly

    THis is outstanding stuff: at the core of education (and without it, you can’t call it education.) A slight quibble might be (but I am not sure) that I say: each child HAS a genius (using the older definition–“the spirit of a person, place or institution.” To say a child IS a genius reminds people that this has something to do with an IQ of over 140 or something, and that the category is “gifted and talented.” Of course, you and I are both going for every child is gifted and talented regardless of their “learning differences.”

  • http://twitter.com/AngelaMaiers Angela Maiers

    Thank you so much my friend! The core of education (and business) begins and ends with the heart!  If we do not honor, nurture, an secure the hearts of our kids- we have no  shot at their brains!  It is all about PQ (passion quotient) not IQ!!! 

    You are gifted and talented, and I so appreciate your contribution of to this important conversation!

  • Anonymous

    I love PQ and the idea that each of us is gifted and talented. Have you read THe Education of the HEart by Thomas MOre? (I seem to have a slow ring finger today) Or The Soul’s
    Code: In Search of Character and Calling by James Hillman? 

  • http://twitter.com/AngelaMaiers Angela Maiers

    Thank you! I have just added two new books to my must read list! Thank you for the finds!=- they sound right up my alley!

  • Anonymous

    hope you are a fast reader. Just read the Intro to my book to get the idea if you have too much reading to do.

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