Jobs of the Future – Will Our Students Be Prepared?

Can you envision today’s high school or college students carrying out jobs like these:

  • Bio-botic Physcian
  • Chef-farmer (agri-restaurateur)
  • Clone rancher
  • Digital archaeologist
  • Drone dispatcher
  • Exozoologist
  • Energy Harvester
  • Global system architect
  • Holodeck trainer
  • Mobile BioMass Therapist
  • Personal brand manager
  • Smart car interior advertisement sales representative
  • Space junk hauler
  • Transhumanist consultant
  • Robotician

The World Future Society; an organization served with the charge of  making those predictions can. In their recently released special report (PDF) these were among some of  the 70 specific jobs predicted for 2030.

Whether or not Digital archaeologist or Transhumanist consultant will make the list of the hottest new careers in 2030 no one can say, but it begs the question for all to consider:

Ten years from now, 20 years from now, what relevant work skills will be shaped by the continued rise in global connectivity, smart technology and new media, and who knows what other social/cultural drivers?

The Institute for the Future a non-profit research group has taken a close look at these big disruptive shifts and shares in this A 19-page report (PDF) the key work skills that will be needed to fulfil these new roles.

Below is a summary image:

We are facing times of unprecedented challenge. Combining our current research-based forecasts of skills and competencies, real-world examples, and staying abreast of these shaping forces will help us to support students in identifying and acquiring the abilities they need to thrive in this very very different and amazing world.

What Habitudes do you believe they will need most?

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  • Bruce Sallan

    I ponder, write about, and talk abut what our kids will need in their futures for job seeking. The number one thing I believe they need is persistence. YES, they need the right education and skills and, heck, frankly I didn’t know what half those jobs were! But, learning to be persistent – even be a pest at times – is absolutely required today. An off-shoot of this is really learning to use Social Media. I still believe knowing how to write – a cover letter (in email of hard copy form) is valuable. 

    Haven’t I always demonstrated this in class, Teach? I’m the one waving my hand to be called on – Hey Me Teach! Call ME TEACH!

  • KDeb

    I agree with Bruce!! Given that we are working with shorter attention spans in students, it is important to help them develop patience as well. Expecting immediate results from every action may actually be an impediment in the learning process. Some concepts need time to grow on you.

  • Kenna Griffin

    Yikes, Angela. This list makes me nervous because I don’t even know what a lot of these job titles mean. It makes me wonder if we’re changing titles, skills or both. No  matter the title, I think professionalism and accountability are key habitudes for students to learn.

  • Damien Riley

    So, we need to prepare them with a breadth of skills that will assist them in many fields, even the ones that may not exist yet. Great heads up, so true.

  • Angela Maiers

    You are spot on Bruce- it is not only about the necessary skills; it is all about the Habitudes!  You guarantee your success in any industry or time with perseverance, passion, imagination, adaptability, and self awareness! 

  • Angela Maiers

    Yes, exactly Damien! As I said with Bruce- skill alone in not enough- you must possess and practice the Habitudes to be truly successful. Without perseverance, passion, imagination, adaptability, and self awareness; you are limited.

  • Angela Maiers

    I felt the same way when I read this Kenna. It is like something from a sci-fi movie, yet who would have thought 10 years ago we would need pro- bloggers, SEO marketers, Real time analytics firms, and virtual web platform developers. Now these are standard in our day to day business practice.

     No matter what title-the Habitudes are our students path to success- right on!!

  • Angela Maiers

    Attention and focus are key in any environment. It is a balance as the world moves at the speed of light; too much waiting could cost you the job! You are spot on for the need to step back and reflect on all that lies ahead!

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