Scamper IT!

I love helping learners think more critically and creatively — teaching students strategies and techniques to fuel their imaginations, sustain their passionate curiosities, and challenge them to persevere as they problem solve through difficult tasks and content.

This week, I will be taking these Habitude-building conversations to the business world. I will be sharing with small business leaders one of my favorite strategies called SCAMPER. 

SCAMPER was originally created by Bob Earle and popularized by Michael Michalko in his excellent book, Thinkertoys. to strengthen an individual or an organizations ability to question, imagine and adapt. 

See why it is one of my favorites?

SCAMPER requires us to consider what we can:

S – Substitute – components, materials, people

C – Combine – mix, combine with other assemblies or services, integrate

A – Adapt – alter, change function, use part of another element

M – Mix, Modify – increase or reduce in scale, change shape, modify attributes

P – Put to another use

E – Erase/Eliminate – remove elements, simplify, reduce to core functionality

R – RePurpose/ReverseReUse – turn inside out or upside down.

SCAMPERing can add fluency, flexibility, originality ,and “Ummmph” to any idea or project. It is a powerful and easy way to stay motivated, relevant, and excited about what we do! I am excited for the conversations to come.

Consider what SCAMPER can do for you?


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  • Clay Forsberg

    First Angela, I love the your word “Habitude!” I see Scamper as essentially “embracing change,” and all the wonder that can come from it. Imagine if we all developed a case amnesia. We could all look at the possible – not knowing what had been left behind.

    For I believe it’s not that we’re afraid of what we may encounter … but rather what we may no longer have.

  • Lois Creamer

    Loved this thoughtful post Angela! By the way, #youmatter!

  • Angela Maiers

    Thank you my friend! Right back at you!! 

  • Angela Maiers

    Thanks Clay- Habitude because success is part Habit and Attitude- the trick is getting the combination right!! 

    I love positioning SCAMPER as a way to “embrace” change rather than manage it. Gonna use that in this weeks presentations- credit to you of course.

    Thank you for taking to time to read and comment-excited to be connected on Twitter as well!

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