I am just finishing the final edits on the New Habitudes book (coming very very very soon!)

My editor asked me to post some reflections on the chapter of Courage; as it is one of the hardest “Habitudes” to articulate and teach.

I am sharing these with you in hopes that you will add to my pepective and understanding.

What gives you “your courage to learn and teach?”

Here’s how I see it:

My Reflections on Courage

The heart of education is an education of the heart.

The root of the word “courage” is the Latin word “cor,” meaning “heart.” The English word “core” comes from the same Latin root. So at its core, teaching is about developing courage.

Unfortunately, much of our teaching is devoted not to the heart but to the mind and the hand. We develop the intellect to solve a differential equation, to analyze and evaluate literature, and to classify differences between rocks and minerals.

The lessons in this chapter serve not only to compliment these intellectual objectives; but to remind us of the need to educate the heart, developing in students the courage to propose a new explanations, the courage to ask a new question, and the courage to share their contributions with the world.

The heart of teaching is the teaching of the heart. In order to teach, we need courage to overcome our fears. Consider and reflect on the following statements of courage.

I have the courage to…

What say you?
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