Today’s great tool is a testament to how one person can make a big impact in the world! I know how important the internet has become, and what a great opportunity to make some great connections it can be, but it is always important to take a step back and look at the situation. Amitay Tweeto understood this, and has come up with a great way to remind us that, while we work on our digital literacy and build new networks, we can always take a step back and have a quiet moment.

The Quiet Place Project, Amitay’s global reminder, has had huge success in spreading his peaceful message. It combines three beautifully designed interfaces that provide a hushed reminder to stop and smell the roses.

Check out The Quiet Place, the opening message from the site to take a small moment for yourself, and see if it makes you feel better about your hectic schedule!

The beauty in the project is its simplicity. If you are feeling stressed, you can simply click the 90 Seconds Relaxation Excercise. The message is simple; we’ve all heard it before, but in his quiet way, it can help you feel more in touch and prepare you to face the stressful world with a calm face.

If you need to take a little more action to feel at peace, the newest addition to The Quiet Place, The Thoughts Room might be a huge help as well. The room lets you type all your thoughts for as long as you wants as it destroys your negative feelings with bright starbursts in the night sky. The room is a great visualization that really makes your bad feelings seem more manageable, and might make your day that much more productive!

Thank you to Amitay Tweeto for your beautiful example of how something small can make a big difference. Check out The Quiet Place, contribute if you want to, listen to the beautiful background music, and see how Amitay’s wonderful message can brighten your day!

Here’s Marc Aeicherts composition “One Day in August,” the background music to The Thoughts Room, to get you started!

Check out the quiet place so we can all have A Quiet Day!