New Course: So You Wanna Be a Leader?

New Course: So You Wanna Be a Leader?

This course began with a conversation in the back of a cab with my good friend, fellow blogger and consultant, Richard Byrne.  (Check out his award winning blog, Free Technology For Teachers)

We were leaving the event we had both been presenting at, and were reflecting on our experiences over the past decade of making the transition from classroom teacher to independent consultants.

As we compared tales from the road, it seemed as if every story finished with a statement like these:


  • I wish I would have known about..
  • I wish someone had told me…
  • I would have, should have, could have…
  • If I had only known then….


When we started this journey, there was no manual of what “not to do”, and more importantly “what one must do” to ensure the greatest level of happiness and success.

Hence our course was born, and with the help and support of the amazing Chris Dawson, we are bringing all of our tips and tricks to you.

In this four week course, So You Wanna Be a Leader? we’ll walk you through:

  • How to create your personal brand
  • Expand your influence
  • Market your talents and skills
  • Create a solid foundation
  • Handle logistics of your new small business

Throughout the course we’ll share the lessons we’ve learned the hard way so that you can avoid making the same mistakes. And section of the course has clear action items to get you started on the road to building, expanding, and marketing your personal brand. You can see the course outline here.
A Bit of My Story

When I left the classroom over a decade ago, I was not imagining that I would run my own business, make a living as a “consultant”, and most certainly did not consider myself a leader in my field and industry.

The emergence of new technologies and platforms, you can not only operate a consulting business from home, set your agenda, and make an impact in your field or industry; you can be a leader.

And if you are thinking of taking the plunge and going into business for yourself as an independent consultant, but you’re uncertain about your chances; this course was written just for you.

We are excited about the conversations to come, see you on Thursday night! (Space is filling up fast, so hurry on over and secure your spot now!!)



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