If you your job often has you bogged down doing the kind of small tasks that a well-designed web application could do, then I have found the perfect tool for you! The tool today is Iftt, which stands for “if this, then that.”

Iftt allows you to pick a simple trigger, such as getting tagged in a Facebook post, and automates a simple outcome, be it a text message so you can take action, or direct action like a Facebook status or a Twitter post.

Iftt’s system is efficient and simple. Triggers, the “this” of the statement, can be chosen from a comprehensive list of channels. These triggers act as the starter that creates the action, or the “that” of the Iftt statement. Ifttt calls this a recipe – a recipe to quickly get your simple, everday webtasks done without even thinking about it!

Ifttt has already become a hugely popular tool, with 1 million tasks created already! The Iftt team is fast and capable, now active on Twitter and Facebook. Try Ifttt to consolidate your small tasks and focus on your business!

I tried out Ifttt myself, and found out just how easy it is. Here are some shots of my process!

After I made my own account, ifttt made it easy to get started!

Getting started with my trigger

So many channels to choose from! Here are just a few!

Activating the channel

Choosing my action!

Time to choose my action!

I chose to make it put an event in my Google Calendar!

I created my first task!

And when I sent the email...

It put an event in my calendar!

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