Tools I’m Lovin:  Wiggio for  Working In Groups

Tools I’m Lovin: Wiggio for Working In Groups

This is a guest post by Laurie Hansen

What enables you to create groups, each with a unique web address, host web meetings, manage events, share files, send emails, text, send video messages and voice blasts–all for free?

Wiggio: An online collaboration tool that includes all of the aforementioned features and a whole lot more!

See for yourself: Test drive Wiggio, no strings attached! Wiggio is widely used and very effective.  How do I know? Sarah Perez of Tech Crunch shares in her article that Wiggio “now reaches over 2,000 universities and 120,000 students groups around the world, as well as several national organizations.” In the same article, according to founder and CEO, Dana Lampert, Wiggio is “designed to be dead simple.” I can attest to that.  And guess what?  There’s even a Wiggio iPhone app!

#Choose2Matter and use Wiggio for your school project, team collaboration or non-profit organization. As their tagline says, “Wiggio is the easiest free way to work in groups!” Yup. Totally rocks.

Click on below to view the video.

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  • Douglas E Rice

    Trying to get my organizational behavior group to use it. We’ll see if they bite…

  • Jorge Pirelam

    Excellent article Angela Maiers

  • Susan Silver

    What an amazing tool. was like this, but they were snatched up by Facebook :( This sounds awesome.