Facebook + Dropbox = AWESOME!

Facebook announced today a new integration with personal file storage company Dropbox. Now, you can share files to Facebook Groups using Dropbox’s cloud-based storage system.

According to Facebook, this new feature does not replace the current ability to upload files from your computer.  It opens up the ability for people to upload files that they already have stored in the cloud to Groups (as long as they are stored in Dropbox.)

Facebook is rolling out the feature today, so look for DropBox option in your FB Group very soon, and for more about how to use Dropbox and Facebook Groups, check out the DropBox help center.


We are very excited to explore this in the Choose2Matter Facebook Group and C2M Community if you have not joined, please do. We are almost 5,000 teachers/leaders strong working hard to do work that matters.

So, what do you think?

How do you see this improving your ability to manage the content and conversation happening in FB groups?

Hat tip to Richard Byrnes for the find!

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  • http://www.likelitelife.in/ Aditya Samitinjay

    Yay, I actually have a lot in my Dropbox that I’d love to share with my followers on FB. Glad Facebook has this awesome feature now. Thanks for the head up!

  • Rob Yoegel

    So now Facebook has found a way to make sharing files even easier. And even more naive consumers will relinquish rights to more photos, files, etc. that years later will turn up somewhere they never intended them to thanks to Facebook’s sneaky privacy policy.

  • http://cirquedumot.com/new-readers/ Susan Silver

    This is so bizarre. A few years ago Facebook acquired a wonderful product called Dropio. Then did not integrate any of it (that I know of) into FB. Dropio was like Dropbox plus a ton of other collaboration tools. The acquire cycle makes no sense to me *lol* But this will be good for the both of them.

  • Julien Le Roux

    More and more services connects together for documents sharing. I just saw that TagMyDoc, which is an other awesome cloud app, now also connects with Dropbox.

  • Leif Rask

    I agree with Rob Yoegel – it would be interesting to see if using Dropbox within Facebook gives Facebook rights to your data. Obviously, putting content in Dropbox gives them ownership of it, but does this new feature give Facebook ownership and republication rights? Intriguing. It is a good idea as long as your right to privacy doesn’t get lost. By using this, you’re likely already giving Facebook more valuable insight into what you’re interested in and find valuable (I haven’t read the ownership and disclosure policy around this feature). Use with care and understanding.

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