Skype In the Classroom – Connecting Dots between Schools, Students and Communities

As I write this blog post, over 500,000 students from schools in every state and across six continents to make their mark on the world. As they prepare for the International Dot Day Celebration, many are collaborating and connecting using Skype technology and the powerful network of Skype In the Classroom to find one another.

This has to be one of the most powerful experiences for students as Skype enables students to connect, collaborate, and communicate with other students across the globe. It creates an opportunity for students to learn from each other, to have authentic audiences for their work, and to meet others who can further their learning. And as I learned first hand, Skype has the power to bring awareness and action to causes that matter in the world.

As teacher her Bridget McCrea put it:

“Skype take students where no school bus can take them and to give them experiences that will last a lifetime, and who knows? Maybe it will inspire some of them to become leaders someday.”

It’s a powerful (and FREE) resource that’s just waiting for you to join the Hundreds of AMAZING teachers taking time to open their classrooms to these global learning experiences.

Getting Started is Easy:  This Guide encompasses step-by-step help from Skype projects, preparing your students for a Skype call, transforming a Skype call into a Learning call to student job responsibilities before, during and after the actual call. You can also view this Skype techtorial  for additional support.

Finding Other Educators to Connect With: The directories below will help you find and connect with other educator’s looking for classroom partnerships. If you are creating this project in response to the Choose2Matter Initiative, please include ‘Choose2Matter’ in the title or description of the project so like-minded people can find you and your students!

The Following Resources will give you ideas, strategies and insight on how you might use Skype In YOUR Classroom:

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  • Joe Flanagan

    Skype has really helped with learning a language.

  • AngelaMaiers

    Thanks for sharing Joe. Can I ask in what ways was it helpful?

  • Adi

    I wish I could have used this opportunity as a kid! There is much that technology has to offer these days and the good thing is education systems are taking them up. Not only does this makes learning more fun but also more comprehensible for those who are not good with just reading; kids like me :) Wish I could go back and tell my teachers to use such fab technology!

    Thanks again for this brilliant piece of write-up. Look forward to reading more of your blog in future.



    PS – @meghanmbiro on Twitter shared the link and I am glad I clicked :)

  • MediaCAST

    Skype is a great way to connect to people outside of the classroom. It is not always possible to bring a guest speaker in or bring the whole class to an event, but with Skype, the world is only a video chat away!

  • @thevacationwanderer

    When my children were in elementary school, I was invited twice to be a “guest” at their school for the Veteran’s Day Celebration via SKYPE while I was in Iraq. Not only did this give me a chance to see and speak to my children, which their mother blocked most of the time at their home, I got to enjoy the show as well. So, SKYPE is a valuable tool to connect for many different reasons. It could open up a living ‘culture / geography book’ for them with proper planning and coordination.

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