Buffer announced last week a new integration with Trapit, Feeddler and Rhino. Now, you can share your content with Buffer on nearly every social network out there.

“We know you discover and share content in all kinds of ways. Because of that, one of our highest priorities right now is integrating with the services you already love or might want to check out” said Leo The co-founder of Buffer.

Here are three new ways to find content and share it with Buffer:

1. Trapit for iPad — Take a spin with Trapit to discover content about new and familiar topics in a gorgeous interface designed just for iPad. You can now add content to your Buffer right from there.

2. Feeddler — Set up your RSS reader and Buffer the share-worthy posts from your favorite blogs.

3. Rhino for app.net — Experience the new social network in style with Rhino. Keep up with your feed and Buffer posts to go out later.

Find out how these great apps can help you share better.

More integrations are coming soon, and as always, Buffer want to hear which ones will help you fit Buffer right into your workflow.

Buffer rolled out the the new integration last week, so look for Buffer option in your favorite network, and for more about how to use Buffer, check out the Buffer Help Guide.