This past December I ran a series on Education Dreamer called The 12 Days of Dreaming. Over a course of three weeks I posted twelve different blogs by guest blogger/educators who wrote about their dreams for education.

I wanted to take this idea to the next level. So, I talked to Zak Malamed of #StuVoice and Angela Maiers of #Choose2Matter about an idea where we give our students a platform to share their dreams for education. I have always want to help my students have two things: voice and choice. This is an opportunity to provide students with a chance to share their vision!

That’s why Education Dreamer, StuVoice, and Choose2Matter are putting on The 12 Days of Dreaming: Student Edition. We are looking for at least 12 guest student bloggers to share their voice with the world. These ideas can be submitted by filling out this FORM by February 8. The posts will run on Education Dreamer at the end of February.

I also believe nothing is worth doing if it doesn’t benefit those around us. In that thought, at the end of the #12DOD: Student Edition we will publish an iBook. The proceeds of the iBook will be donated to the Sandy Hook Scholarship Fund!

Educators and parents, please share this idea with your students. Students, please take the time to share your dreams with us. Your dreams are worth sharing and they are worth pursuing! Together we will change the world!


Brett Clark (@Mr_Brett_Clark) is director of technology in Jeffersonville, Ind. His interests include the flipped classroom, creating a student-centered classroom, technology integration and professional development. He is a conference presenter and recently presented at the Flipped Conference in Chicago. Learn more about Brett at his website.