“We Are Smarter Together” is not simply a mantra for my blog, it is a manifesto of my life.

Outward circumstances or conditions do not determine what our lives become nearly as much as the thoughts that dominate our minds and the people we surround ourselves with.

I have an opportunity everyday to fill our proverbial room with the best and the brightest in the world making the ability to be “smart” exponential. 

One of those individuals I am honored to be in the room with is Ben Wilkoff, fellow educator and passionate evangelist for bringing the the power of network to students and schools. Ben is hoping to be in a postion to do that at scale, when/if he is accepted as the Blended Learning Specialist for Denver Public Schools.

When he reached out for advice and support, I was lucky enough to be in the “physical room” with another member of our network, Dr. Scott McLeod.

Here’s what we shared with Ben:

A few minutes ago, Ben responded.

Take five minutes to listen and then….

Ask yourself these questions:

  •  Are you ensuring that you invite to the table individuals who can/will influence your thinking, challenge your ideas, and demonstrate the behaviors and attitudes you seek to emulate?
  •  Are you developing a Dream Team of carefully selected mentors, molders, guides and heroes as you journey towards your mission?
  •  Are you doing your best to ensure that every person you are privileged to know and learn from understands how valuable they are and how much they matter to you?

So, I ask you again: Who is On Your Invite List?