Learn How to Help YOUR Students Change OUR World

Learn How to Help YOUR Students Change OUR World

On Saturday May 11 on Classroom 2.0, we discussed the Quest2Matter. Click here to access the archive of the recorded session or that chat archive.

Today’s young people form the most compassionate generation this world has known. They have a way of looking at the world that gives me hope and excitement.  It is a way of seeing the world that can make the pivotal difference in OUR future.

Ask your students:
What matters to you?
What about it breaks your heart?
Let’s act to change that.
Let’s change OUR world.

The Quest2Matter offers platforms for students to share, with the web and the world, the actions they have taken, or ideas they have, to change our world.

This is a way to take hallway displays, badges and ribbons and magnify them dramatically.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to unlock the potential of students to think entrepreneurially to solve problems that break their heart. 

Join me this coming Saturday May 11th and learn how we are challenging students to change our world!

Learn all about the Quest2Matter and ways you can get involved! 

To support the Quest2Matter, we’re seeking contributions from people who believe in our mission.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE

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