No one knew quite what to expect from the first-ever Bammy Awards, presented by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences to educators, last September.

The Executive Producer, Errol St. Clair Smith, set modest expectations and delivered well beyond our wildest dreams, leaving us wanting for more. So are the Bammys people resting on their laurels, and merely pushing the “repeat” button this year?

Not by a longshot.

This year, the Bammys will honor someone even more integral to the education system – a student.

We are thrilled that the Academy is partnering with Choose2Matter to bestow the first Student Initiative Bammy Award on a student that participates in the Quest2Matter.

While other organizations give awards to students, the Bammys once again breaks new ground by creating a major student award to be presented at a black-tie, red-carpet “adult” ceremony. It’s a powerful recognition that students are the reason we all do what we do, and Choose2Matter could not be happier to be working with the Academy to make it happen.

What are the Bammys? It’s an awards shows that honors members throughout the entire education community. So who can better explain it than members of the community?

  • Lisa Nielsen, who blogs as The Innovative Educator, writes, “Envision a world that values education like it values entertainment….The Bammy Awards were created to help reverse the negative national narrative that dominates the education field.”
  • Peter DeWitt, in a column for EdWeek, “Why Should Educators Pay Attention to the Bammys?, noted that in recent years, “education has felt more like a battleground than a place to educate and inspire students…. The Bammy Awards want more for teachers and administrators. The awards are meant to focus on everything that it is good about education, and we all know that there is a great deal of good in education.”
  • Tom Whitby, who was part of a group to receive the Outstanding Education Blogger Award, noted that the Bammys often awards educators who receive little notice elsewhere. As he writes, “the very people who connected educators look to as the contributors of ideas to the global discussion on education are not recognized by their own peers. They have to fight in their own districts for the same things we all fight for.”
  • A skeptic-turned-convert is Karen Seddon, who wrote on her Tuesdays With Karen blog about how her initial skepticism for the event turned quickly to delight: “I think this is one of the greatest gifts to the teaching profession because we want to build our teachers up, not burden them….The Bammy Awards are the coolest Teacher Appreciation event I have ever seen.”
  • Similar sentiments came from Dr. Spike Cook, who wrote, “I applaud the Academy for having the determination to roll out the red carpet for the people who are most dedicated to the future of society – educators!”

Dr. Cook credited John Merrow, one of the recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award, with “one of the best lines of the night…‘Ask students how are you intelligent, not how intelligent are you?’”

Consistent with this plea that educators recognize the different types of student genius, the Quest2Matter gives students the opportunity to express their passions in their own unique way.

Choose2Matter is so proud to partner with the Bammy Awards and looks forward to an enduring partnership that powerfully recognizes the unique genius of students.