For more than a year now, we’ve been working to launch Choose2Matter, a global movement whose mission is to challenge people to solve problems that break their hearts.

Everything that we have accomplished to date has been done through perspiration and inspiration of a few committed volunteers. We’ve recently been blessed with offers of help from many people who want to become part of this mission, so we’ve put together this page on our website which describes ways in which you can become involved. We will be updating the page frequently so please check it several times over the next few weeks.

We have some urgent, short-term needs that require very little time, and some longer-term needs for which we need people who want to become passionately involved.

Below I listed some of our short-term needs; the longer-term opportunities can be found on our website.


  • Everything we’ve accomplished thus far has been done with funds from our own pockets or through pro bono efforts of our marvelous partners.
  • We have resisted offers from companies that want to become co-branded partners of Choose2Matter, as it must remain independent of undue corporate influence.
  • We want the bulk of our funding to come from small donations from individuals.

Please help us create Choose2Matter by making a small donation to our fundraising page, and asking others to do so.

Ambassador Program

Nothing is more effective than in-person outreach. We invite educators to become Choose2Matter ambassadors who present our movement wherever they have the opportunity to do so – whether one-on-one with another educator, at a school assembly, at a local conference, or to local news media. If you would like to join our team, please email Mark Moran at

Encourage Students in Your School to Enter the Quest2Matter

The Quest2Matter is the first embodiment of Choose2Matter. It is an initiative that invites students to submit completed Quests or well-developed ideas to solve a problem. We hope to encourage a large number of students to participate in the Quest to validate our belief that today’s youth form the most compassionate generation this world has ever known.

Please encourage your students to participate in the Quest2Matter by submitting a quest.

Social Media Outreach

Please LIKE our Facebook page and ask Facebook friends to do the same.

Please follow us on Twitter and encourage your Twitter followers to do the same.