Most books have one shot at success. If they don’t have strong initial sales, typically they are relegated to obscurity forever. However, we published the Classroom Habitudes nearly five years ago, and it is getting more attention now than ever.

Years ago, I was thrilled whenever a teacher told me her or she was reading it. These days, I hear nearly every day of an entire school, district or even province full of teachers reading the book. Several schools told me they have modeled entire programs around the book.

For example, Melissa Storms and Dave Neese are leading a Habitudes book study with middle school teachers in the Lakota Middle School in Washington. I’ve also been thrilled to be invited to keynote many “tech” conferences by presenting the Habitudes.

This Thursday afternoon, I’ll be presenting, on behalf of,  a webinar titled, “Classroom Habitudes: Teaching 21st Century Skills to Brains Wired in the Digital Age.” The webinar is presented as part of a community devoted to the Brain and Learning, one of my favorite subjects.

Please join us!