Sharing the Message of You Matter with the Bedley Bros

Last week I had the opportunity to share Choose2Matter with two educators on their own quest2matter.  Tim (@tbed63) and Scott Bedley (@TASFair), aka The Bedley Bros, host a YouTube show that highlights educators who are striving to impact the world.

I was excited to have the opportunity to share my heart with them as they carry the Choose2Matter torch to the west coast. Tim, the 2013 Riverside County Teacher of the Year, teaches 4th and 5th grade and is known for his edutaining rock band, Rockin’ the Standards.

His younger brother Scott, the 2014 Orange County Teacher of the Year, is an innovator in connecting students to the real world and created the Technology Applied Science Fair. The three of us carried the message that kids truly matter and can impact the world.

The Bedley Brothers (@BedleyBros) were eager to learn about my current passion, Choose2Matter.  I shared the thrilling story of the students at Dr. Justin Staub’s (@MrStabSTEM) Downingtown (PA) STEM Academy.

Justin, like the Bedley Bros, is one of those people who makes things happen.  He cleared the way to give his students a chance to impact problems such as teen suicide, drug addiction, and poverty.


The Bedley Bros are connecting educators to educational innovators such as Erin Klein, Steven W. Anderson, Rick Morris, and Adam Bellow.  My message was clear in our short, but passionate conversation: kids can be vessels of change.  I’m looking forward to connecting with Scott Bedley as he shares this message with one of the nations lighthouse districts, Irvine Unified, and adds to this global movement.

Check out the Bedley Bros #Edchat to see our conversation and how they are taking steps to impact education. Watch their shows live on Tim’s blog

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    Very useful and supportive article. I wish I can do all of
    that in a short period of time.

  • Jana @ 333 Days of…..

    I just watched your interview with the Bedley brothers. I’m blown away. My own kids were in public education and then we homeschooled for a season too. You absolutely have the answer to reform public education.

    I work with 5th graders right now. I offered for one of the girls to start a simple project of making cards for soldiers. She was having a tough year and I wanted to distract her from her own problems. She jumped at the chance and the group expanded and it changed so much for her this year. It was something she could do right away for someone else.

    Keep sharing your message!

  • Kizi 10

    I think it can be kept at a stable level.

  • yepi 10

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  • AngelaMaiers

    Sorry you feel that way! You may want to check out the video the students created.

  • AngelaMaiers


  • AngelaMaiers

    Thank you so much Jana! I am working very hard to ensure that every student has a change to explore and nurture their passions IN School and out! Please stay connected to the conversation @angelamaiers #GeniusHour

  • AngelaMaiers

    Small steps, big impact! Just asking kids what matters to them–matters!

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