Video: Student Innovators Take Center Stage


For many years, I’ve been visiting schools, education conferences and businesses to tell everyone who would listen, “you are a genius, and the world needs your contribution.”

This is a call to action; an invitation, and an expectation, that you will recognize your genius and contribute it to change the world.

As the Choose2Matter movement has accelerated and begun to coalesce into a formal program, we’ve sought out opportunities for students to present their ideas to audiences outside of the classroom, and to be recognized by the world at large.

A team of six students from Downingtown STEM accompanied Choose2Matter to the prestigious Business Innovation Factory Summit in Providence, RI in September 2013. These students had the opportunity to network with scores of business executives and other like-minded students, and to present their idea on stage to an audience of 400 innovators.

Click here to watch the full video of the presentation at BIF #9.

In a similar vein, a few days after the BIF #9 Summit, we presented the first-ever Bammy Award for Student Initiative to Mallory Fundora, a 13yo who has been affiliated with Choose2Matter for several years and who has raised tens of thousands of dollars to support a group of orphans in Uganda.

Mallory reported that being honored with a Bammy meant that many of her teachers took her work seriously for the first time. Mallory recently presented her work to educators at RSCON4.

We’re also connecting students with mentors and advisors in the business community. For example, we’ve put into place a program where determined students coming through the Choose2Matter program can be mentored by graduates of an entrepreneur fellowship program at an Ivy League school. We’ve also just launched this page on where students can ask questions about how to bring about change in the world; we’ll do our best to find qualified people to answer all questions.

Please follow this blog and for information on the new and exciting ways we plan to honor student initiative in the future.

We will not let student genius lie dormant!

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