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Last week I received a Tweet from Marialice BFX Curran. She was trying to get Internet users from all over the world to comment on a blog post to demonstrate the power of social media to her education students.

Marialice mentioned that her 7 year-old son, Curran, took a great interest in the project and began to plot on a map every state and country in which commenters lived. This led to Curran wanting to create his own blog so that he, too, could interact with people from around the world.

Because I know:

I invited Curran to share his first blog post here. You will find below is the first entry in a life-changing journey for Curran. Please read it, visit Curran’s blog, and leave him a comment and let him know where you are writing from!


My name is Curran and I am seven years old. I live in Connecticut with my mom and dad and two dogs.

I am in the first grade and I just started my first blog, Around the World With Curran.

This weekend I helped my mom blog. She got comments from around the world and I found them on the map. I like to learn about new places and I like to travel. I also like to play baseball and hockey. I am starting my MLB park tour this summer in California. I like animals and sport teams with animals in the logo.


My friend Jerry Pallotta is a children’s book author and I like to write books too. My blog will be a place for me to write and I like to get comments from different places. I keep a list and tally all the locations. Getting comments is like having a lot of penpals. I really like geography and learning new things about new places.

My advice to other kids to start blogging is to write about something you know about already and something that you really like. My advice to teachers is to start a classroom blog. My mom said that KidBlog could be a good place to start and you can get comments from other students and classrooms around the world.

Please read my blog and leave a fun fact about where you live. I hope I can get a fact from all 50 states and around the world too.

Curran Celebrates



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  • Marie smith

    Hi Curran. My name is marie smith and I am from Wilsonville Oregon. Oregon is a.Beautiful state with lots to see and do. We have mountains, rivers, and the Pacific Ocean next to us. We are known for our produce especially our sweet Marionberry. It is like a blackberry but bigger and sweeter. They make wonderful pie. Pie is what I make best. I love to make pie and to read books with happy endings. Good luck with your blog.

  • Alison

    Hi Curran, my name is Alison. I live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. We have one of the highest lift locks that works on water pressure . I like your blog. I teach grade three and I am going to show them.

  • Lisa

    Curran, I think you are amazing! I am a 3rd and 4th grade teacher from Michigan, but I currently live in San Antonio,TX. You have to go see the Mackinac Bridge if you haven’t already. It is beautiful and I know you would enjoy Mackinac Island too. :) Love your blog… and you keep on rocking and rolling!

  • Mary

    Hi Curran

    Can you find Cork, Ireland on your map?
    (Clue: its near the south coast) That’s where I am!

  • AngelaMaiers

    Thanks for sharing Alison!

  • AngelaMaiers

    Lisa–he is amazing! So thrilled to share his passion with you all!

  • AngelaMaiers


  • AngelaMaiers

    She is right Curran–Oregon is beautiful! Thanks for sharing Marie!

  • Curran

    I found it on the map and my great great grandmother (Hanlon) was from Cork and the Currans were from Galway.

  • Curran

    I looked up the bridge online and hope to see it one day. Thank you.

  • Curran

    I’ve been to the Pacific Ocean before, but I have not been to Oregon. I like blackberries so I bet I’d like marionberries too.

  • Curran

    Thank you Angela Maiers for posting my first blog. I like learning about new places and new people. I can’t wait to show my friends and teacher at school on Monday. My next post is going to be about sharks around the world. I was on Cape Cod for Shark Week this summer and want to know more about sharks.

  • Tracy

    Hi, I am so glad that my teacher recommended this site to me. I am new to blogging and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am a college student in Alabama on my way to being a school teacher. I love baseball and because of where I am from, I have not been exposed to much hockey. In the beautiful state of Alabama, we are known for our love of football and our beautiful beaches. Curran, you are such an inspiration. I plan to have a class blog when I begin my career. I would love for my future students to be able to blog with you.

  • Curran

    I am in the first grade too. I like blogging because you have lots of pen pals around the world.

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