Proficiency Gets You an A, But It’s Not Enough to Change the World

This is NOT the face of a student who aced a unit exam or earned a perfect score on the SAT.

award win

This is Jack Andraka, upon learning that he won the Intel Science Prize.

This is the face of a student who has just been recognized for pursuing his passion – not for his proficiency.

Thankfully for the world, Jack’s aspirations and standards for his own learning went far beyond his school’s standard of “college and career” ready.

I caught up with my Jack recently at the TopCoder Innovation Summit. I asked him to share with us what it takes to be “Citizen Ready,” and, more importantly, “Change the World” Ready.

Let’s hope the young people in our world and in our classrooms continue to have bigger aspirations that we do for them, and let’s hope that listening to them raises the bar in the way we support, encourage and enable them.

Thank you to our youth for not letting our limitations define yours.

a and j
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  • Mark Barnes

    I’ve seen this kid on the web before. He is amazing and a true inspiration. His comment about the science teacher taking away the content that inspired him is a wonderful lesson to all educators. Autonomy is a powerful things.

  • AngelaMaiers

    Yes it is my friend! Autonomy and Agency are keys to living and learning! Hope you are doing well!

  • Shauna Liverotti

    YES…Jack takes classes with Florida Virtual School! So exciting! We are all so proud of him.