Passion-Driven or Project-Driven: There is a Difference

This morning, I had the pleasure of joining, via Google Hangout, the Amplify team at FETC, where lots of passionate teachers and leaders are wondering how to bring passion into their classrooms and schools.  We started the conversation with a clear definition and distinction of how passion-driven learning is different from project-based learning.

Take a listen, and if you want to know more check out the resources below!

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  • Tama Trotti

    Hi Angela. I really enjoyed your video and it really helped to explain the difference between passion-based and project based learning. What I am still a bit confused about is the genius hour piece. Many of the genius hour ideas still seem to be project based- I.e. Learning about an animal, writing a book about an interest, learning origami. I am not criticizing these ideas at all, I am just wondering if they aren’t more project-based. How do we move away from project- based and fuel passion into the genius hour? Maybe I am missing the boat entirely.

    I can see how this would be easier to implement in the upper grades, but how does a teacher begin in the early grades? I teach first grade and sure I could implement some sort of genius hour where the children could work on projects of their choice that they “wonder” about, but I am not sure if that is really a passion-based classroom. Or maybe it’s the beginnings of one. I guess I need to read your book to find my answers! Any insight you can offer would be most appreciated.
    Thank you
    Tama Trotti

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